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Policy: Living on Property

Title: Policy on Living on Property
Policy Owner: Corporate Office; Operations
Applies to: All HomeTrustee and Red Hill Ventures Employees
Effective Date: July 10, 2019
Summary: Defines the establishment of guidelines regarding employees receiving subsidized lease payments for residing on HomeTrustee/Red Hill Ventures property.

Team members may decide to live on a property owned or managed by HomeTrustee. If a team member decides to live on a property, they must uphold all company values and rules while on the premises. This extends to anyone residing with the team member. They will adhere to all property tenant expectations, rules,and agreements.

Team members who elect to live on property will follow the below guidelines and may be eligible for a 20% discount on the current market rate.


  • 0-150 units–1 Person Allowed to Live on Property

  • 151-300 units–2 People allowed to live on the Property

  • 301-700 units–3 people allowed to live on the Property

  • 701 +-4 People allowed to live on the Property

On-site staff is eligible for a 20% discount, to be coded as a concession each month, off the current market rate. Off-site staff, including corporate staff, are not eligible for any discount. Off-site staff are expected to pay the current market rate for the unit they intend to rent.

Office staff are restricted from living on a property in which they work. Maintenance staff is eligible to live on any property as long as the unit restrictions stated above are not exceeded.

If employment is terminated, the previous team member will follow their signed lease or they are allowed to opt to terminate lease, within 30 days after termination, and move out with a 15-day notice