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Policy: New Procedure Rollout

Title: Policy on Implementation of New Procedures
Policy Owner: Corporate Office; Operations
Applies to: All HomeTrustee and Red Hill Ventures Employees
Effective Date: July 10, 2019
Summary: Defines the protocol for developing and implementation of new procedures for the workplace.

If a new procedure has been approved by the managing director, the roll out process should begin. The roll out process steps are below:

  1. Procedure should be tested using various scenarios.

    • If flaws, rework and retest procedure until all flaws have been corrected or have a viable work around.

  2. Procedure should be written up and include the below:

    • Description of what procedure is for

    • Description of the procedure

    • Steps and instructions for the procedure including all work arounds

  3. Procedure should be introduced to staff during monthly manager meeting

  4. An in-person training session should be scheduled, Procedure write up provided to property managers and any other staff the procedure is relevant to

  5. Follow-up trainings should occur as necessary until all staff understand and practice to procedure accurately.No more than two procedures should be introduced at one time.