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Policy: Vacation and Sick Day

Title: Policy on Vacations and Sick Days
Policy Owner: Corporate Office; Operations
Applies to: All HomeTrustee and Red Hill Ventures Employees
Effective Date: July 10, 2019
Summary: Defines the protocol for the company's annual vacation schedule and sick day leave.

Purpose of Policy:

To establish the standard holidays observed for the Company and outline the policies for sick days, remote work days and inclement weather.

Office Hours:

  • Corporate, Property Management and Maintenance Staff should adhere to the following office hours:

    • 9 AM–6 PM

  • We observe the 5-day workweek as follows:

    • Monday–Friday (In office)

  • Each employee may take a maximum of 1 hour for lunch each day


  • Our company normally observes the following holidays during the year:

    • New Year’s Day / January

    • Memorial Day / May

    • Independence Day / July

    • Labor Day / September

    • Thanksgiving Day / November

    • Christmas Day / December

  • If one of the above holidays falls on Saturday, it normally is observed on the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on Sunday, it normally is observed on the following Monday. Full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays after completing their introductory period.

  • The ability to work remotely during any holiday timeframe (not including observed holidays listed above) will be dictated and communicated by management


  • Vacation requests must take place at least 1-week in advance of the requested day(s):

    • To obtain approval, vacation request must be submitted via the vacation request form. Once you have submitted your vacation request form, you will receive a response within 1-2 business days.

  • Each employee is granted a maximum of 14 vacation days/year

    • Your vacation balance begins with two (2)days, with accrual occurring as one (1) vacation day/month until the maximum vacation allotment of 14 days is acquired.

    • Unused vacation days do not roll over to the next year.

Sick Days:

  • Each employee is granted a maximum of two (2) PAID sick days. Once those sick days are used, you may utilize your vacation day balance if available.

Remote Work/ Work From Home:

Remote work / work from home requests must take place at least 1-week in advance of the requested day(s)

  • To obtain approval, vacation request must be submitted in writing to management via calendar invite

  • Excessive requests to work remotely / work from home will not be granted. i.e. please be conservative with request to work remotely

Inclement Weather:

Closures due to inclement weather will be communicated from Corporate Office on a case-by-case basis. We will also make a decision that ensures the safety and security of our employees with consideration for the care of our residents.